From the back of the book:
“This book is great for keyboardists who have learned the basics of jazz harmony and improvisation. Topics include a brief review of concepts and skills from Beginning Jazz Keyboard, and continue with modes of the major scales, chord extensions, making the changes, using chromatic tones and guide tones, chord substitutions, “rhythm changes,” the blues, altered dominant chords and more. Continuing the format of Beginning Jazz Keyboard, new concepts are accompanied by etudes and songs for practice. Packed with harmony and improvistation studies, this book is essential for any student of jazz keyboard.”


Chapter 1 – Review
Topics Include: Intervals, Triads; 7th Chords; Diatonic Harmony; Voicings; Harmonic Analysis; Scales; Arpeggios; Lead Sheets

Chapter 2 – Modes of the Major Scale
Topics Include: Study of Each Mode; Using Modes with Diatonic Progressions

Chapter 3 – Chord Extensions
Topics Include: Dominant Extensions; Major Extensions; Minor and Diminished Extensions; Left-Hand Voicings With Extensions; Using Other 7th Chords for Voicings With Extensions

Chapter 4 – Making the Changes
Topics Include: The Role of Rhythm in Making the Changes; Making the Changes With Modes; Chromatic Tones; the Bebop Scale; Guide Tones; Review of Arpeggios

Chapter 5 – Substitution
Topics Include: Tritone Substitution; Mixing and Matching Major and Minor Harmony; Dominant Cycles; Rhythm Changes (and Common Substitutions)

Chapter 6 – The Blues
Topics Include: Intro to the Blues; Basic Blues Progression; Bebop Style Blues Progression; Bird Blues; Minor Blues; Non-Traditional Blues Changes; Blues Devices and Feel and When to Use Them

Chapter 7 – Altering Dominant 7th Chords
Topics Include: Flat 9; Sharp 9; Flat 5; Sharp 5; Double Tension Chords; Chords With Both Altered and Unaltered Extensions

Chapter 8 – Comping
Topics Include: Working Within the Rhythm Section; Supporting the Soloist; Pacing; Comping Latin Grooves

Chapter 9 – Afterword
Topics Include: Playing Out; The Jazz Hang; Tunes; Suggested Listening