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Top 10 Favorite Steely Dan Tracks

It’ll take me a while to wrap my brain around Walter Becker’s departure, but in the meantime here are some of my favorite Steely Dan tracks.

DEAD50: Top 50 (10×5) Favorite Grateful Dead Tracks

I was a teenage Deadhead. Well, sort of . . .

Top 10 Favorite Jack Bruce Tracks

Jack Bruce finally succumbed to his liver woes yesterday at the age of 71. I’ll always be a fan of his most famous work with Cream, and could certainly have done a Top 10 list of just those tunes. But as a person interested in jazz, rock and the sometimes nebulous crosshairs between them, I find Jack Bruce to be a particularly important (dare I say unique?) figure, with credibility in both worlds and a long track record of exploring the intersections. This list was compiled with a particular slant towards showing his diversity in that regard.

Top 10 Paul Simon Tracks

10 among my many faves by Mr. Simon . . . as a solo artist, without the tall guy.

Top 10 Favorite Rock Organ Performances

Here is a list of some of the great rock organ performances most deeply embedded in my consciousness.

Top 10 Favorite Bonnie Raitt Tracks

Hooboy I loves me some Bonnie Raitt . . .

Top 10 Slide Guitar Solos

I have a particularly strong soft spot for slide guitar, and here is the result of my agonizing attempt to narrow down to a Top 10 list.

Top 10 Forgotten Early MTV-Era Songs

Here are my top 10 songs from MTV’s first few years that seem to have been all but forgotten even by those with nostalgic memories of that era.

Top 10 Albums That Have “Stuck With Me”

After taking a few days off from Facebook, I returned to find that many of my friends (both musicians and not) are posting lists of their top 15 albums that will “always stick with you.” Obviously I enjoy lists and enjoy talking about music that’s important to me. So to have my cake and eat it too, I’m turning that into a top 10 list.

Top 10 Los Lobos Tracks

I’m not sure that Los Lobos are particularly cool, but I love ‘em and am struck by how hard it was for me to narrow down to 10 fave tracks from among the dozens of excellent songs they’ve come up with.